Complete Vision  Solutions that Work

Vision Controls primary business is Machine Vision, however VCI can also provide  bundled services with machine vision  or al carte services to to meet customer needs.  

These services are:


Development of specifications


Engineering Study (onsite and lab)

Hardware and Software

System improvements

Complete Turnkey system

Machine / system design and prints

Machine fabrication

Electrical design and schematics

Control device programming (PLC, Servo, ETC.)

Spare parts

Long-term maintenance

Vision Controls can work with your in-house personnel, a specified third party machine builder, or provide our own fabrication for you project.

Three Step Process

A process for successful integration!


Step I: Engineering and Evaluation

Visit the customer to see the production line.

Obtain samples and discuss the specifications.

Discuss the rate, tolerances, triggering method, and communications.

Perform a Field of View Calculations and Repeatability Study.

Design lighting and optics solution.
Step II: Programming, Installation, and DebDemonstrate ug

solutions to the customer.

Refine and adjust specifications in its final written form.

Purchase hardware.

Develop the programs.

Assemble the solution and install at the customer.

Connect vision to PLC.


Develop a graphical user interface.
 Step III: Buy-off and Continuing Support

Perform buy-off tests on each part number.

Final program adjustments.

Begin training of machine operations and engineers.

Ability to add new part numbers

Supply documentation.

Extended warranty support

Maintenance contracts